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Watch the Video Ponza and Palmarola Islands Ponza and Palmarola overview

Our base is the NETTUNO Marina, very close to Rome, easy to reach with many cheap flights.

Velasquez itinerary from Nettuno ponza ischia

Velasquez base info Marina di Nettuno
Our itinerary includes wonderful islands with crystal clear sea water and good wind such as Palmarola (29 miles, 4/5 hours), Ponza with very good restaurants and nightlife, Ventotene, Ischia, Capri, and with a two-week holiday also the Amalfi coast and Naples
ponza card
Pontine Islands

Best Times: april to september

You can discover the wonderful clear blue sea of Palmarola, a small desert island, and Ponza, the larger one. Ponza is also known as the Roman island because it still contains remains from the settlements of the ancient Roman Empire, and also because nowadays Romans consider it geographically as their own island and their vacation destination. Both Ponza and Palmarola, so close to Rome, offer such a beautiful nature, sea and perfect wind.

ponza and palmarola harbou
ponza and palmarola harbour
Chiaia di Luna Ponza
Chiaia di Luna Ponza

Capri and Ischia

Best Times: april to september

The famous islands of Ischia and Capri are part of the archipelago of islands called “Flegree” and have two distinct identities. Ischia has larger accommodation capacity, with many towns and villages, and is known for its natural thermal water with beneficial qualities. Capri, the temple of celebrities in the 60s and later, is also a beautiful island with crystal clear sea. Both islands are close to Naples, if you want to visit the city where pizza was invented, which offers excellent views, with its three castles, the old city and small villages around

capri_piazzetta  Capri The Glamour Island


Capri Faraglioni

grotta-azzurra-capri The famous Blue Cave in Capri

ischia aragonese castel

Ischia – Aragonese Castle

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